Hi, I am Otto.
A small modular robot with
an epic personality.

First in the HP Robots family.
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I have more
Explore expansions for infinite building
and coding possibilities.
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3D print your first robot.

learn to design


Build your first robot.

develop STEM+A skills


Fast coding from beginner to Pro.

learn to code

explore series

Explore the Otto series to level up your tech class.


Hi, I’m Otto!

Stay tuned for the novelties in HP Robots world.


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HP Robots Intro

Thank you for your interest in our robot Otto.
Let us inform you that the Otto Starter Kit will be ready for purchase at the end of January 2024.

If you would like to pre-order Otto Starter kit, feel free to contact us at email address moravia@moravia-consulting.com.
This will be available with the release of this product.