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Getting started with Arduino

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I wanted to ask if there is some sort of guide to get started with Otto and Arduino? My main questions:

  1. Which exact Board is being used? In Arduino I gotta select a board, I know it's ESP32 but in the Arduino IDE there are several variations of said board such as ESP32 Dev Board, Arduino Nano ESP32, ESP32-C3 Dev Board... which one should I pick? Or does it not matter?
  2. The reason i am asking 1 is because once I open a new project it's asking me to install files to the Board, so I would like to make sure I install compatible stuff :) 
  3. Can I brick my Otto somehow this way? Is there a way to reset it if needed? Firmware reset for example?

Thanks in Advance!


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Hi @agentknopf

Arduino is already pretty advanced stuff for HP Otto and right now is kind of on your own because we don't have official libraries yet, like we have for micropython we have a GitHub repo for it that will be public once we launch the new expansions but I can add you meanwhile.

Note that when you upload a sketch with Arduino ide you basically flash a new firmware to it so you will overwrite micropython firmware, but you can get it back in our firmware uploader page.

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Hi Camilo, thanks a lot for getting back to me on this. I would really appreciate github access - my github handle is


Thanks a lot :) !

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