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General information

General information

Welcome to the HP Robots | Otto community, here we have some "quick" guideline for you to get the best and fastest help from all of us:

1. Make sure you first check all the FAQs first: hprobots.com/faq

2. Use the search option to check if the question or topic were already addressed before and just reply there if it also affected you.

3. Narrow down the problem, help us locate it; Is it in the 3d printing/plastic parts (CREATE.), hardware/electronics (CONNECT.) or software/code (CODE.)?, make sure to post in the right category.

4. Describe with as much detail as possible. What do you expected to happen, and what actually happened? If you had tried to debug / trouble shoot, show us what you have tried.

5. Attach a picture/screenshot of robot or code  or even better, a video of your problem, so we can actually see it.

Thanks and happy building!

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Thank you for your interest in our robot Otto.
Let us inform you that the Otto Starter Kit will be ready for purchase at the end of January 2024.

If you would like to pre-order Otto Starter kit, feel free to contact us at email address moravia@moravia-consulting.com.
This will be available with the release of this product.