Let´s meet Otto at the exhibitions


It´s our pleasure to invite you to the world´s biggest EdTech event BETT 2024, where you will have a unique opportunity to see our novelty, modular HP Robot Otto with simple coding. At the BETT show, we will officially launch HP Robot Otto and you can be part of it. 

Will you go to Germany or live there? Take your great chance to meet Otto at the SPIELWAREMESSE in Nürnberg.

Join us at one of our stands and explore Otto´s series:

  • Otto Starter Kit for an easy, fast build with endless coding possibilities.
  • Otto Expansion Kits like Humanoid, Emotive, and Sensors – modular expansions to the Starter Set for infinite building and coding possibilities.

Come to discover, how Otto can help kids and students explore the world of robotics in a fun and creative way.

With Otto, you can level up your tech class and develop STEM+A skills! 

Exhibitions details
BETT 2024, London
 SPIELWAREMESSE 2024, Nürnberg

Looking forward to meeting you!
HP Robots team

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Thank you for your interest in our robot Otto.
Let us inform you that the Otto Starter Kit will be ready for purchase at the end of January 2024.

If you would like to pre-order Otto Starter kit, feel free to contact us at email address moravia@moravia-consulting.com.
This will be available with the release of this product.