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[Solved] Battery

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I have a brand new Otto, but it seems that battery is not charging properly.

Is there any way to check that? 

Following procedure has been done for testing

Otto set off (switch to 0):

While is connected to the computer (USB cable) 3 leds are solid and the 4th one is blinking (charging state)..  4th led turns to solid when battery is fully charged, isn't it?

If USB cable is unplugged, all 4 leds remain solid and after 20 sec apx. they went off. 

When Otto is set on (switch to 1), the 4 leds blink just one time and then all leds are switched off... It seems Otto die.


Is there any switch or button to test the battery? 

What is the normal behaviour?


Thank you so much, in advance.

Otto care
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Hi @brunost

Did this happened the first time you built it or just after some use

4 LEDs on mean the battery is fully charged.

It is normal that the LEDs stay on for a while even when switch off or disconnected from usb.

If the battery is fully charged the robot should run normally when unplugged with the switch on (to the right 1) if a code it was saved previously to make it move turn on etc.

Did this happened the first time you built it or just after some use?

Can you take a photo of the back of the PCB?

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Yes it is.

Camilo Parra Palacio
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It is what @gminecrafter487? 
Hi @brunost if is all working now for you I will put this post as solved topic.

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