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Bluetooth Button

[Solved] Bluetooth Button

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Just noticed the new, bluetooth button in webcode top bar. Any help for its functionality and how to use it; 

Camilo Parra Palacio
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Hi @ictlabteacher

Exactly, we just released the Bluetooth option for programming!

You have a new Bluetooth button next yo the USB connection.

You need to make sure to upload the BLE firmware first with the USB cable, or you wont be able to even see Otto as a device when clicking in the Bluetooth button.

  1. Connect to Otto with USB and pair.
  2. Make sure you have the latest libraries, go to ⚙️ Settings/📚 Update Libraries.
  3. Click on ⚙️ Settings button/ 📶 Update BLE Firmware and wait a bit.
  4. You can now disconnect Otto from the USB cable.
  5. Click on Bluetooth button, pair with "Otto" and now you can play codes wirelessly.

I still recommend using the cable for learning because it is faster programming and then just save the code for putting to work with out the cable.

If there are issues make sure to delete cache in your browser with a hard refresh (ctrl+f5), or in incognito mode, so far works the best in Chrome.

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